Reishi & Black Walnut

Reishi & Black Walnut

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Reishi + Black Walnut Bitters!! We use to make craft cocktails with Hive Holistics and people rave about it. Absolutely cuts the bite of the whiskey with a delightful nutty and sweet. We make a drink with it called the:

“Laughing Coyote”
- Dip half a rim of a glass in Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar. Add 4-5 pieces of ice. Add 2 oz of Whiskey or Bourbon of Choice. Add 5 drops to 2 droppers full of Reishi + Black Walnut Bitters. Stir and Enjoy!

Reishi*, Black Walnut Hull*, Ginger*, Orange Peel*, Pure grain alcohol

*denotes organic ingredients 


This is the 2 oz Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper