About Us

At Hive Holistics we have a Holistic view of Wellness and are deeply connected to the Natural World. We are a conscious crafter of Herbal +Botanical Wellness products that You Can feel good about. From the sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, to the reusable and compostable packaging, on to the knowing that your support of Hive Holistics allows us to offer products on a sliding scale for those who may not have the same monetary access.  We are unlike any other Herbal Business in Rome, GA. We whole-hearedly  believe that the space that Hive Holistics would create will benefit our entire community as a whole by facilitating this access, this standard of operation and by creating a place to host classes and conversations around Sustainability, Outdoor Living and Holistic Wellness in our Natural World.    Our space has the intention to become a class space, a place for clients to recycle their packaging and to dive deeper into their connection to the Natural World and all the healing it has to offer.  We have big plans to move more and more towards sustainable and holistically good choices for our bodies.  We believe that food is medicine. We believe that the closer connected you are to the process of taking care of your body, the healthier we all are.  We want ingredients we can read. We want ingredients that we know and trust and that Humans have always used to care for their body.   We want to have solutions that do not include high amounts of travel or plastics. We want to teach you about all of these plant based ingredients and how good they are for your heart, health and happiness. 

Hive Holistics was created in 2019 as a continuation of Earthside, originally launched in 2016 as an Herbal  + Botanical Product Line for New and Expecting Mothers. Hive Holistics has since developed an entire line of Herbal + Botanical Products for the Entire Family from an Eco-Friendly and Sustainability vision.  Hive Holistics is currently found at local Farmers Markets, along with Regional Healing Arts Festivals in and around Rome, Georgia.  Hive Holistics uses traditional herbalism combined with an intuitive approach to wellness (Simplers Method)  for our clients.  Everything we craft and curate is from a desire to inspire! We hope that you  are inspired to learn more about Plant Allies and how these Plants can help you achieve your goals and adapt to an ever-changing world. We have been inspired by sustainability and the knowledge that Nature provides grand opportunities for healing. We envision a Nature Based Herbal + Botanical line that seamlessly blends with events and happenings crafted and inspired by Nature and our relationship with it.  Hive Holistics, as a brick + mortar offers us the ability to host classes and provide a community space for Plant Ally Conversations and Inspiration, as well as these Healing Arts Events & Happenings for Rome, Georgia.